Cyber Security Analytics USA

Cyber Security Analytics

Whether it’s a digital, networked system or physical installation that houses sensitive data, cyber security today is one of the most promising career fields to be in. According to Susan Etlinger, Vice President of Strategy and Insights at Adobe: “every major problem we’ve had this year was a cyber, digital personification.”

Cyber Security Analytics

Analytics in the cyber security field can be used to combat threats in various ways. Some data analyses are done by collecting and parsing data streams, with the objective of tracking down a damage source.

Issues with analytics for cyber security is that there is no go-to analytic methodology delineated by standards. Therefore businesses in different areas working on separate regulatory standards, with different domain requirements, will have a difficult time working together to solve problems or share knowledge efficiently.

Security analytics seizes deep know-how in this field and has deep expertise into the challenges businesses face and how best to tackle them in a cohesive and leading manner.”

Businesses that have implemented cybersecurity analytics have achieved the following benefits: Improved convenience, the Better quality of service internally, Lower costs and higher profit margins.

The USA, often seen as the most technologically advanced country in the world and one of the wealthiest thanks to its biggest industry, is a prime target for cyber attacks. The US’s cyber security culture has had many security experts look to data analytics as a solution.

In response, Washington spends over 2 billion dollars annually on data collection, storage and analysis and mandate.

Cybersecurity professionals are gradually agreeing that effective data protection for both government entities and private citizens increasingly depends on cybersecurity analytics

Some countries have even updated their existing legislation so that data gatherers need to disclose more information about who can access what kind of information.

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